Monday, February 06, 2012

The process of Yuzen

Definition via Yamatoku

Yuzen is a colorful hand-dyeing technique. As each pattern is drawn by hand, this process requires high technique and painstaking effort for mastering this skill. Each Yuzen Kimono is an artwork so cannot be produced in large quantities. Kimono artists bring up an idea for the painting first, and draw it on the canvas of Kimono fabric. Yuzen technique was originally invented by Yuzen Miyazaki, a famous Kyoto fan-painter during the Genroku period (1688-1704) of the Edo period. Until then, monochromatic indigo design was a trend, but his colorful dyeing design soon gained in popularity and was loved by women of all classes. Indeed, this innovative technique gave a tremendous impact on the conventional dyeing techniques. By tracing dye-resist paste made from pasty rice on the outline of each pattern, the color is isolated, and it avoids mixing colors. In this way, colorful dyeing became possible. This Yuzen technique spread all over Japan, and each region developed its own distinctive characteristics. Two of the most famous regions for Yuzen technique are Kaga, original name of Kanazawa and Edo, original name of Tokyo.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

*almost* a year since my last post...

well as you can see this blog has taken a back burner recently. so i just wanted to update this blog with some pictures!

these are pictures of my daughter's kimonos:





i have more pictures of vintage fabric on my flickr

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mini Movie On Korean Hanbok

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

not really related to textiles

however in regards to the kimono a maiko is the one who makes them famous:

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Monday, March 06, 2006

kimono magazine

nh Femme magazine is the name. it has everything from kimono ettique, style & hairstyles.

there are great classy pics and cute accessories but the comic strip cracked me up! 

first the classy: i love finger wave hairstyle

stylin' kimono 

kimono ettique 

and the little comic. western photographers shout "oh a geisha!!!" because of the kimono.... 

i'm not a geisha!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kimono in Kyoto

Geez...I've had this in my draft folder for months!!! (since 12/05/05!!!!) unfortunately there are a few more too!

This is a partial email from a friend in Japan and I had asked her about different Kimono available in Kyoto and here is what she had to share:

The most famous kimono in Kyoto is Nishijin(The name of place).
I will introduce some pictures
. kimono has origin of Genji-Monogatari(Famous book written by Murasakishikibu).
This story is love story about Hikarugenji.(He is hero in the story) You cann see him
in this link.
This is exposition of Nishijin-ori. Many people come from other prefecture.
Because Nishijin is also famous in Japan.

I can good site on web about Nishijin-Ori. You can understand the history.

Some young people remake texture of kimono and wear as daily wear.

...... The most famous place of kurotome is Kaga
in Japan. tome means to stay one place long. The meaning is you do not
devorceYou live with your partner forever.
This is Kaga Kurotome.
.....See you Miyako

I had to edit it down to take out personal commentary there but the links that Miyako provided are very informative!

and speaking of kurotome this a photo of mine:

its from pre war time. i can't seem to find a close up of it at the moment but it does have some very pretty embroidery on it.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Book Review: Hitori de dekiru kitsuke to obimusubi

Hitori de dekiru kitsuke to obimusubi: (Japanese Text)
By 主婦の友社 (編さん)

ISBN: 4072395633

This instructional book is a how to put on kimono, and how to hairdress for wearing kimono & obi folding as well.

I think this book is set up for the modern woman who is interested in trying to wear kimono. There are some great photos in the book.

I'd check it out at your local library.

Amazon Japan (translated) link to book.
Here is the regular Amazon Japan link to the book.